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Who we are

The Columbia Volksmarch Club (CVC) is a walking Club in Howard County, Maryland, USA. Formed in December, 1984, the CVC is a member of the Maryland Volkssport Association (MVA) under the authority of the American Volkssport Association (AVA) in the International Federation of Popular Sports ( IVV). The primary purpose of the club is to promote good health through sports that family members of all ages can participate in and have fun doing.

Volkssports are non-competitive outdoor fitness events where a participant walks (jogs or runs), bikes, swims, rollerblades a marked or mapped route at his/her own pace. The most popular is the Volksmarch, a 10KM (6.2 mile) walking event. Frequently we offer shorter distance options such as 5KM (3.1 mile) walking events. The routes are often scenic, historic or of special interest. Volkssports are great recreational activities for the whole family.

The CVC is a non-profit organization. We donate any excess funds each year to county / state park services and to community groups that share our interest in promoting good health through exercise.

Where we are

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2012 Events

September Walk Saturday September 22, 2012, Ellicott City, MD (Centennial Park West)

November Walk Saturday November 10, 2012 Marriottsville, MD (Patapsco State Park McKeldin Area))

2012 Year Round Events (YRE Brochure)

CVC will offer SIX Year Round Events (YREs)

Trails from four starting locations: Four trails in the Villages of Columbia and two trails in Ellicott City.

There are 5km trail options on all trails (including alternate  trails at Long Gate and Mall Outdoor) except for Ellicott City North.

Columbia trails start at:
Starbucks at Columbia Mall (walk inside or outside), Feet First in Hickory Ridge for both Hickory Ridge and Harpers Choice (drive to walk start), McDonalds of King's Contrivance.

Ellicott City trails start at:
Sunoco of Long Gate where you will need to drive to different walk starting locations for both the Ellicott City North and Centennial Lake trails. There is an alternate trail available for both walks that does not require one to drive to the trailhead.

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Meetings - Usually the 2nd Monday of the Month

The CVC meetings are usually scheduled on the second Monday night of the month. The meetings start at 7:00 pm in community centers or various officers and members houses. The meetings usually last about 90 minutes. Our meeting schedule is:

CVC Newsletter

See a sample of the monthly CVC Newsletter.

How to join

It is simple to join the CVC. Membership is only $10 for individuals or families. Just provide your name(s), address, phone and e-mail address. Mail information on the membership application and a check made out to CVC to:

9701 Softwater Way
Columbia, MD 21046-1815

As a member, you will receive the newsletter which will provide you with an up-to-date schedule of volkssporting events in the Atlantic Region (Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and West Virginia), as well as an account of club activities. Club meetings are held monthly and are open to club members and non-members alike.

Officers & other responsible people

President: John Dye, (410) 290-6510,
Vice-President: Paul Lubell, (443) 612-9956
Secretary: Karen Dye, (410) 290-6510
Treasurer: Rich Long, (301) 776-6395

TrailMeister: Tony Willoughby, (410) 461-5758
Newsletter Editor: Rich Long, (301) 776-6395
YRE Coordinator:
Volunteer Coordinator:

Membership: Linda Toole, (301) 498-5936


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Villages of Columbia

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